What is a 'Clothing Playhouse'?

What is a 'Clothing Playhouse'?

Remember playing dress ups as a little girl? Trying on your mothers clothes, raiding her closet and playing around with her handbags, adding belts and hair pieces, strutting your stuff in the mirror like you see the girls do in the movies, and getting busted just as you’re trying to put her bright red lipstick all over your mouth and cheeks? Do you remember dreaming about that pink sparkly dress you wanted so badly? Or trying to do a DIY job and grabbing a pair of scissors while mum wasn’t looking to make ‘adjustments’ to your clothes?

We certainly do, and now you can do all that and more at our Clothing Playhouse, and you don’t even need permission!

We want women to have the freedom to just play with fashion – whether they want the convenience of buying ready made, off the rack clothing, or the thrill of searching through fabrics and haberdashery and buying everything they need to brave a DIY project, or the feeling of glamour and inspiration that comes with working with us to design your dream dress and have it custom made to fit you like a glove. Whichever experience you choose, we want you to have exactly what your 6 year old heart desired all those years ago.

Come in and play!

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