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About Us

AS SEEN IN...Vogue Australia, Country Style and Frankie Magazines!

We are dreamers
, but we are also firm believers in making those dreams come true.

Blush Clothing Playhouse is the brain child of Australian mother/daughter team, Karen Scott and Elana Pa’apa’a. Established in 2016 in the gorgeous surrounds of Northern NSW, Australia, our mission is clear – to allow the beautiful women of this world, of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, to have the freedom to dream with the belief that it can come true.

We design our own range of size inclusive styles from scratch in our little shop front in Murwillumbah. All of the patterns, samples and fitting is done by us, and then our garments are ethically manufactured in various places overseas. Although, now that we've grown a bit, we're currently excited to be working on bringing our production back on shore to Australia, so stay tuned!

We also stock some of our very favourite pieces from other Australian labels. While we're trying to focus mainly on our own designs, there are just some we can't say no to 🙊 And we know you'll love them as much as we do!

In our own label, we're currently designing for sizes 6 - 22 with the hopes of catering to as many women in as many shapes and sizes as possible in the future! 

At the end of 2018, we decided to stop supplying our designs to other boutiques to solely focus on our retail customers, so our pieces are now exclusively available from us. You won't find them anywhere else!


What is a ‘Clothing Playhouse’?

Remember playing dress ups as a little girl? Trying on your mothers clothes, raiding her closet and playing around with her handbags, adding belts and hair pieces, strutting your stuff in the mirror like you see the girls do in the movies, and getting busted just as you’re trying to put her bright red lipstick all over your mouth and cheeks? Do you remember dreaming about that pink sparkly dress you wanted so badly? Or trying to do a DIY job and grabbing a pair of scissors while mum wasn’t looking to make ‘adjustments’ to your clothes?
We certainly do, and now you can do all that and more at our Clothing Playhouse, and you don’t even need permission!

We want women to have the freedom to just play with fashion – whether they want the convenience of buying ready made, off the rack clothing, or the thrill of searching through fabrics and haberdashery and buying everything they need to brave a DIY project, or the feeling of glamour and inspiration that comes with working with us to design your dream dress and have it custom made to fit you like a glove. Whichever experience you choose, we want you to have exactly what your 6 year old heart desired all those years ago.

Come in and play!


The Founders


Meet Karenmy mother, my best friend and my partner in crime. She’s one of the most remarkable people you will ever meet. Ambitious, determined, incredibly creative and strong, yet so incredibly caring, gentle and humble at the same time. After giving up her career in fashion to prioritize my brother and I while we were young, her return to this industry is far overdue. 

Having had extensive experience in the fashion industry, traveling the world as a fashion designer and seeing her designs being sold in big stores such as Witchery, Sussan, Sportsgirl, Portmans, Just Jeans, Kmart and Target, she has had experience with numerous aspects of fashion including high fashion, casual wear, sleep wear and lingerie, special occasion and bridal wear and even theatrical and stage costume. 

Ever since I can remember, I’ve watched her design and construct dresses. As a little girl, I was always awe struck by the beautiful bridal gowns that appeared in my living room. As I grew older, one of the greatest pleasures in my life has been being able to work closely with her to design dresses together and watch our design come to life. The way her mind works creatively, and the way I see her trouble shoot problems in terms of design and construction that are beyond my own means, yet always ending with an incredibly thought out, detailed, perfectly constructed and beautifully fitted dress is nothing less than inspiring. 

She inspires me, and I am incredibly lucky to have her as a mother, and now as a business partner. I promise that she will inspire you too

Elana :) x




Please allow me to introduce you to Elana Pa'apa'a - one of the most driven, focused, intelligent, caring and compassionate young women you could ever wish to meet. She is already a business woman in her own right as an accomplished musician, singer/performer and vocal coach. The pride that shines out of her at the success of her students and their achievements is a truly beautiful thing to witness.

We have been working together on projects since she was a little girl. At that stage, she had no idea the contribution she was making. I began to draw from her. Her fantasy dress and the visions that she had. As she grew, so did the size of the project...sometimes so ambitious that I doubted whether or not we could do it. At the times when I didn't think I could achieve it, it was her support, encouragement and 'never give up' attitude that inspired me to find a solution, push the boundaries and sometimes break the rules of pattern making to achieve a result that I had never achieved before. Somehow, we always pulled it off. It was then that I realised how valuable her contribution was. How our styles and ideas complimented each other, and how well our minds worked together. We now create better together than I ever could. 

Which brings us to here, the biggest and most ambitious project to date. Elana's contagious, fun loving energy, in control attitude and sense of humour gives me the courage to take this monumental step with her.

I am proud to call her my daughter and business partner, and know that, together, we will work hard to make this project a success like we always have. I love you sweety.


For all business or media enquiries please contact Elana at 
SHIP TO: 13 Commercial Road, Murwillumbah, NSW, 2484
(02) 6672 7229




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