Who are we? Meet Elana!

Who are we? Meet Elana!

Please allow me to introduce you to Elana Pa'apa'a - one of the most driven, focused, intelligent, caring and compassionate young women you could ever wish to meet. She is already a business woman in her own right as an accomplished musician, singer/performer and vocal coach. The pride that shines out of her at the success of her students and their achievements is a truly beautiful thing to witness.

We have been working together on projects since she was a little girl. At that stage, she had no idea the contribution she was making. I began to draw from her. Her fantasy dress and the visions that she had. As she grew, so did the size of the project...sometimes so ambitious that I doubted whether or not we could do it. At the times when I didn't think I could achieve it, it was her support, encouragement and 'never give up' attitude that inspired me to find a solution, push the boundaries and sometimes break the rules of pattern making to achieve a result that I had never achieved before. Somehow, we always pulled it off. It was then that I realised how valuable her contribution was. How our styles and ideas complimented each other, and how well our minds worked together. We now create better together than I ever could. 

Which brings us to here, the biggest and most ambitious project to date. Elana's contagious, fun loving energy, in control attitude and sense of humour gives me the courage to take this monumental step with her.

I am proud to call her my daughter and business partner, and know that, together, we will work hard to make this project a success like we always have. I love you sweety.


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Congratulations to you both on an amazing venture. I love your collections and can’t wait for your winter styles.


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