Our House Made Range

Let me tell you why our 'house made' range is so important to us 💗

Mum's been in this industry for years. I'm talking decades. She worked her ass off and got to design for some biiiig names at a very young age, and back then the Australian textile industry was a whole different game.

She took some time out of the industry to be a mum, and by the time she re-entered it again full time (taking me along for the ride with her this time 💁🏻‍♀️), the industry and the manufacturing process looked a whole lot different. 

She remembers the years where the majority of production was done on shore. Where fabrics were knitted and woven domestically, where all design and development work was done in house and where the production of the garments was predominantly done locally. A time when the Australian textile industry was protected by the government enforcing quotas and tariffs on off shore production. 

Now, as we all know...that changed drastically with a change in priority by the government, the majority of the work then going off shore and the Australian textile industry now lacking the capability to do a lot of those things anymore. 

BUT we love that there's a movement to bring Australian made back, and while there's still a whole lot of limitations on what we can actually do here, our 'house made' range is an effort from us to contribute to the movement. These pieces are designed, developed and handmade in our Melbourne warehouse using the most luxe fabrics we can find, some of which are also knitted here in Melbourne. A true blast from the past, but in the best way possible 🇦🇺

We have BIG dreams. We'd looove to be able to move all of our production to being done on shore or even in house if possible, and we'd LOOOVE to have our own manufacturing set up in house to be able to hire Aussie designers and machinists and specialists to help us accomodate the production of not just our own garments but products for other brands. We'd love to have a major impact on our industry, and that's just one way we feel we could. 

But for now...our humble little 'house made' range is just the starting block 🥰🌷✨