Made To Order

Introducing a brand new aspect and range to our business...Made To Order! 😍
Individually handcrafted, super limited edition, lovingly designed styles made from luxurious fabrics handpicked by us!


While we also design the rest of our label, once we've done the design, pattern, sample work etc. our babies leave us to get manufactured in bulk elsewhere.

Our Made To Order range will be individually hand crafted by us in store from start to finish (which makes them Australian Made, of course). No production line. No mass manufacturing. No leaving our shop let alone our shore.


We will tell you exactly how many are available to order, and once that number is sold out we will not repeat that same style in the same fabric again. Ever. That's it!

For example, there might only be 10 of a style available on release. We are starting small to ease our way into it, but it will never be a huge amount of these pieces made. The first 10 people will be able to order theirs and choose their size, and once those 10 units have been sold then that's it! There's 10 in the world and you won't get another chance to get that exact same style and fabric.

So be ready 😉


Every time we release a made to order style, we will give you guys all the details including the photos, description and price along with the release date and time a couple of days ahead of time on our social media pages and via our email list. Then it's up to you to be ready at the release time!

While this range will be more expensive in line with the more exclusive, limited edition approach, we don't expect them to last very long. After all, who wouldn't want a beautifully handcrafted, limited edition piece? 😏


- These pieces are handmade in store once you place your order. Of course we always endeavour to have your pieces out as quickly as possible, but please take note of the specified turnaround time for each style as a rough guide. It varies between style based on how many is available, and you will find that information in the product description. 
- Our Made To Order range is subject to the same returns policy as our general range, which you can find here
- The handmade nature of the garments also means that there may be slight variations between garments such as print placement, etc. But they are always of the highest quality! 
- Our Made To Order range is not available in conjunction with any discounts/offers. If a code is somehow used, we will contact the customer for payment of the outstanding amount and reserve the right to cancel the order if that is not met.